I have decided that I want to try out something new this week.  I want to have a new weekly feature for Fridays.  Every Friday I will try to find something from the previous week that was good, something that was bad, and something that was, well I’m sure you can figure it out.  So here we go -

The Good

The entry of Robert Parker into the Twitter Fray.  I know, some people will argue that this belongs in one of the other two categories, but I think that it is a good thing.  I am not the biggest fan of Parker, or 100 point wine scores for that matter, but I think that it can only make the online conversation that much more interesting.  Heck, anything that brings us this post is an unmitigated good in my opinion.

The Bad

Freaking cold weather.  I know that this doesn’t really have anything to do with wine, but I hate the cold.  According to a few articles that I have read this week, over 1200 cold and snow records have fallen in the last week.  That’s insane, and it goes squarely in the “bad” column in my book.

The Ugly

These monstrosities -


I saw these on @TheWineWhore (two mentions in one post, crazy), and these may well be the ugliest glasses that I have ever seen in my life.  I’m sure there is some kind of highly scientific explanation for why these glasses have to be so effing ugly, but I really can’t bring myself to care.  Probably something having to do with aeration and blah, blah, blah.  Whatever it is, I’m sure that all of this ugliness will set you back a bundle.