The Good

One of the most fun things that I have seen online this week has been the Cheap Wine Challenge that was put together on Twitter by @raelinn_wine.  The rules were posted on her Wine Ophelia blog.  Everyone was supposed to tweet a link to their review for a sub $10 wine, with the hashtag #cheapwinechallenge.  All of the wines will be thrown together into a blind tasting to see how they do.  With everyone looking for QPR wines right now, this was a really fun challenge to be involved in.  I chose the Delas Cotes-du-Rhone that I reviewed a couple of months ago.

The Bad

Marketing doesn’t get much more ridiculous than the Twilight Wine Package featured in a Drinks Are On Me post written by Leah Hennessey
this week.  I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t use the word amazing in
regard to this, but as a piece of marketing schlock, this is pure
genius.  At least it is if you are planning on marketing wine to 14 year
old girls.


The Ugly

How can it be anything but the Haiti earthquake? I usually want to keep
this post pretty light and funny, but I wanted to take another
opportunity to encourage people to give their support in whatever way
that they can.  I have mentioned the Palate Press/Brother, can you spare a bottle effort in a post yesterday, but you can also give directly to the American Red Cross, or @Pinotblogger pointed out that Sameritan’s Purse is a great option as well, as they are on the ground now providing water and shelter.