Baseball If there are two things that really get me fired up, and there are at least that many, it's wine and baseball.  I've been thinking to myself, "Self, there's got to be a way to combine these two amazingly awesome things."  Well, I've come up with a way.  The answer is a fantasy baseball league for us winos.  I need 11 other imbibers to join with me in starting up the Major Wino Baseball League.

There will be some clandestine communication to determine the stakes, rules, etc. after the participants are decided.  The only rules are that you have to be a wine and baseball lover…, oh yeah, and you have to be over 21.  If you are interested in joining in the baseball nerd games with me, email me at vinotology at

Update: We have a few people who have already expressed the interest in playing.  Here's the list so far -

That makes 6 of us.  Who else wants in?