I'm spending Christmas with my wife's family in Arizona this year and I don't have too much time to post, but I did want to post a quick review of this 2008 Mandola Vermantino from Mandola Estate Winery.  Mandola is located Southwest of Austin and specializes in Italian variety wines.

This wine had a really nice crisp acidic flavor.  It was a medium bodied wine with a 13.6% alcohol level, which was a little higher than I expected.  Despite that, I really didn't not feel like this was a high alcohol wine when I was drinking it.  At first I wasn't getting a whole lot of definition on the nose, but after I had let it breath a little bit it really opened up for me.  I got a lot of herbal and mineral aromas, along with some pear and a little bit of peach.  The mouth had some good acidity and more minerality with some great citrus components.

I really enjoyed this wine with the shrimp that we had for an appetizer.  To be honest, my friend Clint Bingham gave me this bottle (his father grew the grapes for this wine), so I'm not really sure about the price on it.  I really like this dry white and would like to try some more Vermantino, as this is my first experience with this variety.  Definitely give this a try if you get the chance.

This Vermentino wine allowed me to check off another variety for my Wine Century Challenge.  I now have reviewed 14 of 100 varieties, and only have 86 to go!