I came to Arizona on a quest.  Ok, so I really came here for a family Christmas gathering, but I also came on a quest.  I came here seeking Arizona wine.  I came with wanderlust and a ridiculous hero worshiping desire to obtain Caduceus and/or Stronghold wines.  My quest would take me all over the state, or at least as far North as Phoenix.

The first step of my journey took me to the fabled town of Tombstone.  Just like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday before me, I heard the call of adventure.  I heard the call of danger.  I heard the call of some guy dressed like a cowboy asking if I wanted to take a guided tour of Tombstone, lead by Doc Holliday's ghost.  No rest for the wicked.  Unfortunately, Doc Holliday couldn't lead me to the wine that I sought.  the only alcohol store in town had very little to offer me.  I did see some Wiley Jack wine, which I've wanted to give a try, but they only had the Cabernet, which I have heard is not really their best offering.  According to @sonadora, the Zin is the one to try.

Anyway, my first attempt at procuring some wine from the famed Tool singer's wineries was in vain.  I will not be thwarted forever, even if I eventually just have to order some online.