Whew, glad to hear that Robert Parker thinks that there is a place for us bloggers in the coming wine world. :)   Leah McNally has a great post up on Palate Press about the Wine Future conference in LogroƱo, Spain.  I have read some accounts of some of the sessions at the conference, and even saw a video of one (still looking for the Vaynerchuk session). 

The wine industry definitely has to learn to use more of the cutting edge marketing techniques.  Right now it seems like a lot of the leaders in the industry are completely oblivious to the new world that has been growing around them.  Wine is a perfect community building product.  Wine producers and marketers have to find ways to take advantage of this and to build their brands within a community context.  A quick search of Twitter for your favorite wine will generally yield several tweets.  Most wineries have not yet really found a way to take advantage of this viral chatter.

Ultimately I think that the small producers are the ones who have to really push to find new ways to market their wines.  The grocery store brands are not going to suffer as much from the current trends, but small producers have got to find a way to extend the reach of their products.  Tools like Facebook and Twitter are a great way for smaller producers, like Bookwalter Winery, to reach out to their customers.