I always love to get recommendations from friends about new wines to try out.  One of my friends told me that I should give the Marietta Old Vine Red that our local grocery store has been carrying recently.  He said that this was a great $12 Zinfandel, so when I decided to grill some steaks this weekend, I thought I would give the Marietta a try.

This wine is a Zinfandel based blend, with some Syrah, Petite Sirah,  Carignane, and Cabernet.  The wine is from California, with the grapes coming primarily from Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.  The alcohol content is 13.5% by volume.

While the grill was getting fired up, I uncorked the wine and got some decanting for my wife and I.  This wine had a purplish ruby color, not too dark.  I gave my glass a whiff, and got a nose-full of floral aromas and some almost bar-b-que spice action, but not like Texas BBQ like I generally eat, but more like KC style BBQ.  I also caught a little hint of strawberry jam.  I would describe this nose as spicy-sweet.  Really enjoyable nose.

The wine was medium bodied and extremely food friendly.  The flavor was a little on the sweet side, and was very fruit forward.  I was getting more of the strawberry jam, and with a little blueberry.

The Marietta went very well with my steak, and I would not be at all afraid to serve this wine at a party or dinner.  I tend to like my wines a little dryer than this one, and thought it needed a little more acid to balance it out, but there is no doubt that it was a delicious, jammy little fruit bomb, and makes a perfect compliment to food.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this wine to friends looking for a good value Zin based red.

This Zinfandel based wine allowed me to check off another variety for my Wine Century Challenge.  I now have reviewed 6 of 100 varieties, and only have 94 to go! PS – I could have checked off some additional varieties, as all blended elements can count towards the Wine Century Club, but I want the excuse to taste more Syrah, etc.