I've been trying to play around with food and wine pairings recently.  Most of my early attempts have been pretty obvious ones.  When my brother-in-law told me that he wanted to try some Tai food, I thought that this definitely required the purchase of a bottle of wine.  I decided that I would try a Riesling, which is probably among the more obvious choices for pairing with Tai food.  I had narrowed down my choices to a Riesling or a Viognier.  My local grocery store had somewhat limited choices in Rieslings, so I probably should have gone the Viognier route.

I didn't really go into the store with a very solid plan, and ended up grabbing a Texas Riesling, by Becker Vineyards.  I have generally found Becker to be pretty strong for a Texas wine, but I really don't think this was one of their stronger efforts.

I purchased a bottle of the 2008 Becker Riesling.  I am still working on developing my love of white wines in general.  I have a lot more experience with reds than whites, so I'm still trying to develop my palette for them.  I have had a handful of Rieslings, and have found most of the ones that I have had to be too sweet for my palette.  In this case, I was looking for something sweeter to go with my spicy food.

The nose on this wine was really difficult for me to feel out.  I got a little bit of peach, and some pear.  I wasn't really getting much on the nose, to be honest.  My wife said that she got a hint of licorice or anise, which I didn't get at all.  On the mouth I didn't get much more of interest.  I felt like the flavor was really syrupy an had almost no acidity.  You know that syrup at the bottom of the can of pears?  Yeah, that's what this tasted like.  Maybe a little apple and peach, but mainly pear syrup.

I was really disappointed with the complexity, or lack thereof, of this wine.  I think that even at $9 a bottle this wine is a pass.  I just really couldn't find anything especially compelling about it.  I think that there are likely better Rieslings in this price range.  I would probably rate this a 79.  I think next time I have Tai food and feel compelled to try a Texas wine, I will go with the Viognier.