I talked with a friend this week about playing around with taking some wine photos this weekend.  I had a few bottles of red wine, but wanted to grab a bottle of white to give us a little variety to work with.  Since this was really a last minute call, I decided to run over to a liquor store down the street from my office, one that has a woefully disappointing selection of good wine, and grab a Chardonnay. I didn't want to spend too much, since the real purpose of the bottle was just to use for some photos.  I ended up choosing the 2006 Domaine St. George Sonoma County Barrel Reserve Chardonnay (mostly because I thought the bottle would work well for a shot that I had in mind. 

Mixed in with all the photographing of wine, I felt it was my duty to also taste some wine.  A bottle of this wine was about $13, and the alcohol rings in at 13%.  The first thing I got when I poured this wine, was an aroma of charred apples.  I mean, the apples were really present, but big time smokey-oaky action on the nose.  Upon further sniffing, I did pick up a little citrus, and a wee bit of floral aroma.  The flavor was pretty consistent with the nose.  There was more apple, and thankfully the oakiness tamed a bit in the mouth, but was still a major component.  I also caught a little pineapple.

So, the word of the day with this wine is definitely "oak".  I think that the call on whether this is a good wine for you just depends on how you feel about oaky Chardonnay wine.  I don't mind a little oak, but this was a bit much for my palate.  I'll probably pass on this in the future.

This Chardonnay allowed me to check off another variety for my Wine Century Challenge.  I now have reviewed 5 of 100 varieties, and only have 95 to go!